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Corporate Social Responsibility

Cubic Globe works in partnership with Algernon Montagu Sierra Leone Book Project (AMSLBP) and will also assist companies to implement social projects in countries where we operate.

The Algernon Montagu Sierra Leone Book Project (AMSLBP) was established in February 2005 as a charitable organisation with the primary objective of improving the collection of legal and other literature in the libraries of Sierra Leone and Belize Universities.

In collaboration with the British Army, the first shipment of books arrived in Freetown in June 2005 after a two-month sea journey. The books were delivered to Mr Justice Gelaga King, a judge of the United Nations Sierra Leone special court, by Major Werner Stroud of the British Army who was at the time based in Free Town.

AMSLBP has now sent the second shipment to Sierra Leone and Belize in collaboration with the British Army. We are now collecting materials for the third shipment. We are now collecting books for the fourth shipment.
For more information please visit: www.sierraleonebooks.co.uk 



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